may 17, 2022

A Conversation of Hope & Miracles

The Power of Self-Healing

A Conversation of Hope & Miracles - The Power of Self-Healing.

Helping Hands + Hearts - by Allaine Stricklen

may 17, 2022 | 5:35 mins


PH (Mother)

"Honestly... from the moment Allaine was aware of our situation I felt her love, her energy, her presence.... and this was all before her first visit.

I know energy is everything, but she made me even more of a believer in its power. From the moment she had seen my son, who was riddled with bullets from his head to his spine, she said, "he will heal, he will walk, and I will help. First his brain, then his spine." I remember falling into her arms because I just couldn't see past this horrible, traumatic moment.

My tunnel was completely dark. There was no end, therefore, there was no light. Allaine changed that, and it started with her hug. I felt all of her compassion, all of her love, all of her will to heal my son in that one hug. She went on to explain in great detail, the healing power of our mind through meditation. Not only will she use positive energy and meditation to move and remove those bullets in my son, but she will teach him how to think, how to meditate, how to get rid of any impurities, so that he’s able to help himself heal as well.

Everything she said will happen, is happening. She visited at least once a week and started with teaching not only my son how to forgive but myself as well. Cleansing our hearts and our minds. Opening up a pathway to receiving all of the great things that, unbeknownst to me, was awaiting. She made tons of recommendations from exercises for his brain and body to meditations to listen to along the way.

Because one of the bullets entered and damaged the right side of his brain, the left side of his body was affected. He has left side paralysis and couldn’t move his arm at all. Within the first few visits, things started to change. I remember after one visit in particular, she says, “this arm is going to start moving soon, I can feel it.” Not too long after, my son said, “mom, look” and he was lifting his arm. I was overwhelmed with emotions.

What I love about Allaine, is that she touches on the importance of everything, not just meditation. The rehabilitation appointments, the exercises, prayer, dedication, what we nourish our body and mind with, are all things that contributes to healing.  She’s the emotional and motivational support we didn’t know we needed.  We truly can’t do this without her.”


JH (Son)

"Allaine works magic. After my visits with her I feel hopeful and rejuvenated. She gives me good energy and always has great words of encouragement. She's helping me a lot through my life changing challenges and when she helps, it comes from the heart. Also, hearing it from her is different because she's been in a tough predicament with her health so listening to her gives me hope.

She prevailed through her tough times so when she speaks, it doesn’t just comes from love,it also comes from experience. When the doctor’s told me they could not remove the bullet from my brain, she told me not to worry.  She said “we will get it out” through healing and meditation.  The morning that I woke up and my mother came into the room to see me and said “what is that sticking out on the side of your face?” she couldn’t believe her eyes.  The bullet was protruding through the side of my face and forcing itself out of my body.  The doctors, my mom, and certainly myself was in absolute amazement.  It was a miracle, and Allaine is my miracle worker.”